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Geek Gift Guide 2019 – 2020

Check out our geek gift guide for 2019-2020 showcasing some of the most fun, unique, and geek-worthy gifts of the year! YOUR Geek Gift Guide 2019-2020

WordPress 5.3 Released Adding Security and Editor Improvements

WordPress 5.3 launched 11/12/2019 and it includes security improvements, block editor enhancements, admin interface upgrades, better image processing, and more.

TradeMyTrades – The Thrift Savings Plan and 401(k) Money Management Specialist!

Check out TecAdvocates new website for TradeMyTrades! TradeMyTrades is a community of investors who focus on performance and safety as they accumulate and stockpile Thrift Savings or 401(k) fund shares.  Their community of investors care about one thing and one thing only, giving their investment dollars the best opportunity to work for them. If you… Read more about TradeMyTrades – The Thrift Savings Plan and 401(k) Money Management Specialist!

Welcome Stephen Carlson Law, Top 40 Under 40 Attorney!

Check out TecAdvocates new website for Stephen Carlson Law! Stephen G. Carlson represents individuals, families and children that have been injured by the negligence of others. He has collectively won millions of dollars in settlements and judgments in his career as an advocate for his clients. If you have been injured, or want to learn… Read more about Welcome Stephen Carlson Law, Top 40 Under 40 Attorney!

Protection with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protects computers and other electronic equipment from dangerous power surges. Are you protected?

Get Your Fashion On at The Blush House

Website by TecAdvocates for the Blush House Boutique at theblushhouse.com

Your Website Backup. Does it Exist? Probably Not.

Does your website have a backup? If you assume it does, you’re in for a surprise. How to make sure your website data is backed up.

Villa Ampella La Torre

TecAdvocates website renovation for Tuscany Villa Ampella La Torre, a rental property in in the Province of Siena, Italy.

WordPress 5.0 with the Gutenberg Editor Could Change the Online World. But Should You Upgrade?

WordPress 5.0 features the new Gutenberg block editor enhancing the user experience. But should you upgrade?

Dentist and Periodontist Website for Dr. Bruce Edelstein

TecAdvocates website renovation for Dr. Bruce Edelstein showcases stellar patient reviews as a dentist and periodontist.

Costumer Relation Management(CRM) and YOU!

There is a lot of buzz about “Customer Relation Management(CRM)” but what does it really do to manage your customer relationships?

The Market Is Changing, So Should Your Website!

    As technology continues to rapidly improve, so too does the ability to manipulate it! This makes it critical for us as business owners to improve our websites!  Out With The Old Websites that are evolving are leaving websites that were above average a month ago in the dust. A perfect example is The… Read more about The Market Is Changing, So Should Your Website!

Apple is Throwing Shade – and it’s Great!!

When throwing shade is deemed a bad thing in pop-culture, Apple is updating their products to throw shade for better sleep and happier days! Check out our post HERE discussing the benefits of the new Night Shift feature from Apple, and how just changing a few screen settings can help you sleep easier!

Atlanta School of Floral Design

Check out the website that TecAdvocates did for our friends over at Atlanta School of Floral Design! If you want to explore or develop your creative side, Atlanta School of Floral Design is the premiere studio for you! They have small floral design classes that provide individual attention to each student, because it is their goal to… Read more about Atlanta School of Floral Design

Your Browser is Outing Insecure Websites

Internet safety is becoming more and more important. Luckily web browsers like Firefox and now Chrome (the most used web browser today) are calling out websites that are insecure – giving YOU the power to choose which websites you do and do not access. But what does website security mean, and how can it affect… Read more about Your Browser is Outing Insecure Websites

Look – No Hands! Hands-Free Driving Laws

Hands-free laws are all the rage, but for many people they are still confusing and unclear. What exactly these laws mean for YOU? Well we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions, exceptions, and some helpful tips to navigate the new hands-free driving laws! Check out our blog post for some answers!  

Carol The Infertility Counselor

TecAdvocates is proud of the work we did on the new website for Carol Fulwiler, The Infertility Counselor at theinfertilitycounselor.com

Candles By Jean

Candles By Jean specializes in hand-carved scented candles and other niceties which can be acquired at candlesbyjean.com, a website by TecAdvocates. Jean Bryant is a longtime client and friend whose shop is located in Blairsville, GA.

Carol Fulwiler Gives Hope For Love

A new website by TecAdvocates for Carol Fulwiler, the over 40 dating coach.

T. Douglas Gurley MD Website Reflects Growth of the Practice

TecAdvocates helped renovate the T. Douglas Gurley MD website to reflect the growing practice. The new site brings a more modern look and enhanced mobile friendliness.

Website Renovation for Marla-Deen Fit

TecAdvocates completed a website renovation for marladeenfit.com.

Blue Ridge Writing Academy Website

TecAdvocates is proud to be developer and host for the Blue Ridge Writing Academy website, offering writing classes and retreats. You can play with donkeys, too.

It’s Time for a Technology Advocate

Want to thrive in today’s tech-centric world? It’s time for a Technology Advocate.