WordPress 5.3 launched November 12, 2019, and like most updates, it includes security improvements. There are some other cool feature enhancements in the admin interface, image processing, and editing.

If your website is hosted by TecAdvocates we handle this update for your website that includes:

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Backup Before Update
  • Update Notification
    You’ll receive an email when your site has been updated.
WordPress 5.3 Released. Get more info from TecAdvocates

If your site is hosted elsewhere you’ll need to handle the backup and update on your own. Or you can switch to TecAdvocates web hosting. Click HERE for a great deal on web hosting that includes:

Usually, after a point release, there will be subsequent releases. So you’ll probably see WordPress 5.3.1 in the next week or so. If your site has been updated to 5.3 the follow-up releases will automatically be installed.

Here’s more info on WordPress 5.3.

Block Editor Improvements

With WordPress 5 came the new Gutenberg block editor. Much of the 5.3 release is dedicated to this editor including over 150 new features and usability improvements, including improved large image support.

User Interface Upgrades

There are subtle yet helpful improvements to the admin user interface such as borders around form fields to make them more noticeable.

Admin Email Verification

For improved security and help ensure admin emails are not missed, WordPress 5.3 will ask you to verify the admin email address.

Here are more details on the WordPress 5.3 update.