TecAdvocates provides essential features every website should have.

Change is the only constant
– Heraclitus: Greek philosopher

Is your online technology ready for the rapidly changing world?
There are essentials every website needs to weather these changes and turn them to your advantage.
TecAdvocates provides these essentials and more!

“Header Section” which includes:

  • At top of every page
  • Main navigation
  • Mobile responsive menu

“Footer” which includes:

  • Contact info
  • Hours (if applicable)

Mobile Responsiveness

  • A mobile responsive design, the most important feature!
  • Automatically optimizes text and images to fit the viewing device.

“Front Page” which includes:

  • A banner photo
  • Call to action
  • Buttons, links, etc.
  • Page information and internal links
  • Latest blog post section

“Contact Us Page” which includes:

  • A form that users can fill out that will be sent to your business email for follow-up.
  • No email displayed on the website to avoid spam exposure and security risks.
  • Includes CAPTCHA to reduce comment spam.

“Services Page” which includes:

  • A list of your services that you would like to showcase
  • Internal links to guide customers to your contact information/page
  • Picture

“Blog Page” which includes:

  • a space for your blog posts
  • Latest 3 blog post on Frontpage
  • Blog Archive page to display all past posts, which is a must-have for SEO

“About Page” which includes:

  • details about the business
  • photo

Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice


  • Security plugin to discourage hackers
    – Installation and configuration of the Loginizer plugin that locks out a user after three failed log-in attempts.
  • Akismet comment spam filter to protect from spam attacks.