Q: What Services Does TecAdvocate Offer?

A: Inbound Marketing, IT Consulting, Tech Support, HIPAA-Compliant Email, Premium Email, VoIP, SSL, SEO, WordPress, Premium Web Hosting, Website Design, Social Media, Email Marketing

Q: Do I have to use all those services at once?

A: No, you pick and choose depending on your business/personal needs

Q: How does TA know what I need?

A: We sit down with each client individually and find out where technology can help them be more efficient

Q: Do You Guys Offer Hosting?

A: Yes we offer hosting

Q: Can You Guys Set Up Email Under My Domain Name?

A: Yes we can

Can You Guys Come Into My Office?

We can definitely come into your office if you in the Atlanta area

Do You guys offer SSL Certification

Yes we do

What is SSL?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer”
This pretty much means it puts an extra wall of security on your website to fight against hackers.

Encryption: The process of converting data to an unrecognizable or “encrypted” form. The SSL Certificate encrypts your website’s data to make a safer environment for your users.

Here is a video below to simply explain SSL Certificates:

Other than securing your website, SSL Certificates have other benefits.

  • Better Security with SSL = Better SEO
    Google and other search engines are giving higher ranking to websites will SSL.
  • The web browser will tell your visitors that the website is a secure website which will boost your credibility with current and new members
  • Browsers have started to flag websites as “Not secure” when there is no SSL protection. This trend will continue to grow and SSL on your website will fix it.
  • Looks professional

Sometimes Things Are Too "Techie". Can You Guys Help Me With That?

Yes! We offer WordPress Update Monitoring Service
There are security updates for WordPress, plugins, and themes released every week. Keeping a WordPress site up-to-date is one of the best ways to harden security. Adding SSL means your website will be added to the TecAdvocates WordPress Management Portal where we will proactively monitor these updates and apply them to your website in a timely manner.

It’s only $99 for a 12-month SSL certificate. That’s just 27 cents a day for better website security, improved SEO, and proactive WordPress updates.