While COVID is starting to wind down, the world of technology has changed for the long term. Quarantine has put us in a new technological age with many more things being available online.

Many people who worked from home during quarantine will continue to do so possibly for the rest of their lives. So with this change in environment, you should make sure you are keeping your website with the times.

Don’t Be Outdated

Websites that evolve with the changing times leave older sites in the dust. And today’s tech-savvy audience can almost smell the old in a website and will bounce on to something new and fresh. For example, websites that do not consider the mobile user show their age and make your organization appear irrelevant.

Making websites more accessible, user-friendly, functional, and practical will top the search charts on Google and be the most beneficial to site owners.

There are new plugins, updates, and templates developed every day. So it is good to stay on top of these things and make sure you are utilizing your website to its fullest potential.

In With The New

The next step is to take advantage of new advanced tools. Having a fresh new design, graphic elements that are relevant to the business, and interactive call-to-action buttons will keep people active and engaged.

Make your call to action easy to see and have it redirect users to resources that provide details of your services, or send users to the contact page.

Depending on your audience and website type, you may want to create a page specifically for members to give them more options in regards to experiencing your website. For those who prefer to chat instead of call, a chat option is ideal and can be a live service, or a bot depending on your needs.

Finally, make sure that your main menu is clear and concise. You want people to have an easy time navigating your website.

Accessibility – Got It?

On a critical note – accessibility is VERY IMPORTANT. If your website only functions on a desktop computer, you will be harshly disappointed with your website’s effectiveness in creating and maintain business relationships.

Keeping your website mobile and desktop-friendly is vital.

Businesses are making it easier for consumers to do everything with their cell phones. Credit card companies, banks, restaurants, health insurance companies, attorney’s offices, etc., already have designed phone-friendly websites and apps that consumers can use effectively, intuitively, and efficiently. When someone is looking online, create your website, so yours is at the top of the search list.

Innovation Is The Key To Success

THE most important thing for a business to remember is everything is constantly changing and growing. If you as a business owner are not researching new ways to innovate your brand, operation, and presentation, then other people that are taking that initiative WILL get ahead. 

Innovation is fun! People want to feel like you care about their needs. You will be rewarded by creating a better online experience for your users! 

Imagining new and creative ways to serve your consumer can revitalize the way you think about the rest of your business and lead to significant growth.