Society is ever-changing, and with the surge of people doing everything from home via the internet due to COVID-19, we are changing faster toward a connection-based economy. In the past, our economy was driven by in-person services, shopping, and other transactions that required an in-person interaction. With the boom of services transitioning to online, mobile, and delivery, we can do almost everything from home.

TecAdvocates asks. Are You Ready For the Connection-Based Economy?

So How Are Things Changing?

According to a survey that Mashable did in February of 2021, not only have people been using the internet for things like doctor’s visits and food delivery, over 50% across the board of people surveyed said they will continue to use the internet in this way post-pandemic.

If this sample is indicative of the general population, we are looking at a large and ongoing increase of use. This means more and more businesses will find the need to transfer to online or become a hybrid of both in-person and online.

For more survey results and information, GO HERE to view Mashable’s post. 

The internet has become more of a necessity than it ever has been in the past. While used for education and jobs for years, online usage has been on the rise for the past two years. Forbes reported that in March 2020, internet usage jumped over 50% while streaming video jumped 12%. This essentially means that they were connecting directly with others through programs like Zoom rather than users downloading or streaming videos.

How Does This Change Affect Our Home Networks?

Our home networks are not designed to work this way efficiently. Instead, they allow for high download speeds for streaming video or general downloads but significantly lower upload speeds. Luckily technologies like 5G and WiFi-6 are paving the way for our new network usage trends. These new technologies will reduce latency and increase users’ ability to use the internet more efficiently.

With these new technologies, people can continue to transition their businesses from in-person to internet-based. Things like virtual storefronts, in-person consultations for businesses like law firms, medical providers, financial advisors, etc., and meetings can be held from the coffee table in your living room.

So what can YOU do to prepare yourself for our growing connection-based economy?

One downfall to our internet boom is larger and more impactful DDoS attacks as a negative side effect. While before, a DDoS attack may have impacted our ability to watch a movie or download software. Now it could mean delays and hard stops for businesses operating via the internet entirely. For critical medical care, DDoS attacks would severely limit what healthcare providers would be able to do during an attack. Either in-person or in-person consultations and treatments would be affected.

You may also need better hardware, software, storage space, or bandwidth for your office and website. A good internet connection that applies to your needs, and an appropriate network setup is also critical.

Get a Team That Has Your Back!

While this new and exciting world develops, it is critical to have a good tech team behind you. Whether there are small issues that come up, or big ones like DDoS attacks, a good tech team will be able to handle anything. They can also make sure you are at the forefront of technology advancements so you are utilizing things like WiFi-6 and 5G as soon as they become available, keeping you and your business in front of the curve instead of behind it.

Being proactive is key!

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