Jeanne Goldie – Been There, Done That, Not Done Yet

Jeanne Goldie is a "Start it Up" or "Turn it Around" plug-in strategist for businesses. She is the person hired when a business wants to fix something that's broken or create something entirely new. Click here to visit!

The Brain Connectome Project

The Brain Connectome Project is the wiring diagram of the billions of brain neurons and trillions of their synaptic connections. It strives to improve mental health and quality of life. Check out their website!

Above And Beyond Dentistry

When Craig Fisk, Gary Iskol, and Alex Podebryi rebrand their dental practice to Above And Beyond Dentistry TecAdvocates helped by building a new website.

The Randall Effect

Check out the website we made for Randall Smith! When It’s Pageant Time, It’s Time for the Randall Effect by Randall Smith.

Naomi Smith Legal – Solutions at Work

Naomi Smith Legal provides practical employment law advice and counsel to employees and employers concerning work related issues. Click here to see the website!

Welcome SteelSomm, A Wine Blog That’s More Than Wine Reviews.

Chris has a goal on SteelSomm to tell stories about wines, beyond mere wine reviews. He puts wine in their context — moments of happiness, celebration, or even sadness. After all, wine is a sensory experience and is utterly shaped by context. Click HERE to visit

TradeMyTrades – The Thrift Savings Plan and 401(k) Money Management Specialist!

Check out TecAdvocates new website for TradeMyTrades! TradeMyTrades is a community of investors who focus on performance and safety as they accumulate and stockpile Thrift Savings or 401(k) fund shares.  Their community of investors care about one thing and one thing only, giving their investment dollars the best opportunity to work for them. If you… Read more about TradeMyTrades – The Thrift Savings Plan and 401(k) Money Management Specialist!