Rick Howington of TecAdvocates, formerly TechAdvocate Solutions.After graduating from Georgia Tech with an honors degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Communications, Rick worked in hardware and software for projects in the public sector.  This work included real time software and hardware development for short pulse radar systems, radar simulators. He got a military clearance and participated in projects as a programmer for military communications systems including DOD-2167 Military Software Standards.

He then made the move the the private sector taking a network engineering position at Risk Sciences Group, a division of Crawford & Company.

From there he moved to Deloitte & Touche as a technology manager.

The “dot-com” boom hit and Rick joined S1. Joining the team shortly after start-up, he was part of the development team for the first online bank, Security First Network Bank (SFNB). As Product Manager for the Virtual Bank Manager (VBM), S1’s online banking product, his duties included defining product requirements based on client input and marketing strategy, communications of product contents, and managing product releases.

In 2003 he start TecAdvocates Solutions, which was re-branded to TecAdvocates in 2016.

Rick is a Spin instructor and teaches 3 – 4 Spin classes a week.